Rihanna’s Halftime Show is an example of her timelessness

Addison Seegmiller, Copy Editor

Rihanna’s half time show was one for the books. This was her first time performing in close to seven years, and it was genuinely the best half time show in the past couple of years. She didn’t bring out any special guests, which was surprising because prior to the performance she teased fans by hinting at the fact she was going to bring someone with her to the show. This was a hint at the fact she would be announcing her second pregnancy during the show with her partner A$AP Rocky. 

Rihanna opened the show with her song “B**** Better Have My Money” which immediately got the crowd engaged and excited. She sang all her hits from “Rude Boy” to “Wild Thoughts”. A couple of her best songs were missing from the setlist though like “Disturbia” and “Don’t Stop the Music,” which was slightly disappointing. The dancers were incredible as well; most of the performance was on a suspended platform above the field. 

The most insane and magical part of the performance was the closing song “Diamonds,” which she performed suspended on a platform above the entire crowd while the crowd shined their flashlights. I literally got chills. Many were hoping this halftime show would lead to an album announcement from Rihanna, but once again she made it clear afterwards that there are no updates on an album anytime soon. 

Rihanna is without a doubt one of the best artists of this generation and is infinitely timeless.