29-year-old caught after pretending to be a high school student

Natalia Fernandez, Staff Writer

January 2023 a 29 year old woman, Hyejeong Shin, attended a high school in New Jersey posing as a student. A forged birth certificate was used to enroll in the high school, where the woman attended class for four days straight without speculation. 

At New Brunswick High School, Shin attended the high school and acted as if she was supposed to be there. Many parents were left frustrated with the school and their lack of informing the parents about current on-campus situations that take place during school hours with their children being present. 

“I feel that that’s concerning, that us parents have to be the last ones to know about what’s going on when we should obviously be the first ones,” said Yaritza Arroyo.

Students held protests for  better protection and security by the school. Many parents were left with questions regarding Shin’s reasoning behind this incident and how easy it was for her to enroll. 

Sophomore Rihanna Colon spoke on the situation stating, “To know that a person with that intention was that close to me is even scarier.”

Shin was arrested for a false government document, and it is still unclear as to why she decided to pose as a high school student. It is evident that many students and parents were left concerned with their safety at this high school and how the school’s surveillance determines who enters the campus grounds.