Hart Theater anticipates an eventful season

Ridley Downs, Layout Editor

The Hart High theater program is preparing for a busy season. Fresh after their one act showcase, they have a planned out season with many opportunities to watch performances. First up, there is the theater one skit show on Feb 9th and 10th in the black box theater P2. 

Jarod Spradling, the theater director shared, “These are students who typically have never performed before, so it’s their chance to test their metal and have fun.” 

Staff are invited to watch the skits performed by the students. 

Next, Spradling said, “In the immediacy we have our theater two and three classes going to Hart district theater festival,” which is a gathering of performers in the Hart district. 

“The kids are taking both contemporary and Shakespeare pieces to the festival to be scored and placed,” Spralding said. 

The opportunity to compete against other performers is a new one to many of the actors, but a challenge they are ready for. There are seven entries this year.

Typically parents and friends are not able to see any of these performances, but this year there is an exception. Tuesday the 28th, a showcase will be held with all the performance pieces in the Hart auditorium free of charge. 

Finally, Spradling said, “The next big thing after that is Agatha Christie’s And Then There Were None.” 

That will be performed April 27, 28, and 29th in the Hart auditorium. He stated, “The really cool thing about the show is there are two endings that you can do.” Spradling is planning on switching up the endings at random for each show. 

And Then There Were None is going to be performed in the time period it was written, and even though there is a controversial past, Spradling has assured that it has been modified for modern audiences and is nothing but pure fun. 

Spralding concluded by saying, “ Everyone, including myself, is really excited.”