Letter to My High School Self: Mrs. De La Maza

Image published with permission from Mrs. De La Maza

Image published with permission from Mrs. De La Maza

Nathalia Raio, Staff Writter

Mrs. De La Maza

Dear High School self,

So much to say and I am not exactly sure how to say it all. I sit here and think about what it is like for you in high school. I know that you and Sara talk many times about how you are so ready to be done with high school, but if I can tell you one thing that would be to slow down! I can only advise you with the things I know now. I promise these things will make you be the best version of yourself and will make you realize what you have going on isn’t as bad as what you think.

  1. Spend time with your parents. Continue to go out and help your dad stack the wood, take the trip to the dump when he asks, and relish the canoe and camping trips. Shopping never really is your thing, but if your mom asks you to go, it is because she wants to spend time with you. GO! When you sit around at night, have your mom teach you how to crochet. You will always wish you learned how. Take in the special moments with the extended family;laugh at the uncles, hug the aunts, visit the grandparents, and play with the cousins. You are beyond lucky to have them all in your life.
  2. Be a good friend. You will meet a very special person later in life who teaches you the importance of making time for friends. It takes work and effort and shouldn’t be taken for granted. You will wish you had learned this earlier.
  3. You never follow the crowd to be part of it, so keep it that way. If your friends are your friends, they will be your friends post high school. You are respected because you value yourself and stay true to your beliefs.
  4. Don’t stop playing the piano and while you are at that, learn how to play the guitar!
  5. MAKE THE MOST OF HIGH SCHOOL! People tell you all the time that this is the best time of your life, so enjoy it while it lasts.

Well, I don’t necessarily agree because I know for a fact that the future holds many wonderful and breathtaking moments for you and in due time, you will see. So for now, yes, enjoy every part of being in high school. Each stage of life really is a gift. Enjoy this stage while you can.

  1. Embrace the challenges and the successes. Each experience, whether you fail or succeed, has a purpose. Yes, even when you go 2/10 from the foul line or 0/3 at the plate. Don’t dwell on the negative. Focus on the positives and always let those guide you in life.
  2. It isn’t easy growing up and most definitely it isn’t the easiest being the youngest of four girls. It is ok to take your own path and find who you are in this life.
  3. There is more to being part of Key Club than wanting to be part of the “in crowd.” Learn to get involved and serve others. There is nothing more rewarding.
  4. God is good. Encourage your parents to go back to church, pray every day, and always look to lend a helping hand.
  5. Read more. Write more. Learn to learn, not to just get good grades.
  6. YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL THE WAY YOU ARE! You will look back 30 years after high school and realize that you were nuts for thinking you were ever anything less.
  7. Talk with more people! Be social! Put yourself out there to get to know more people. The world can be a good place!So there it is. My words of advice. Read these every day. Everyone has to find their way in this crazy thing called life. Take one day at a time and allow fate to happen. The most amazing things lie ahead!