Mrs. Martinez is Hart High School’s newest English teacher

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Katherine Anderson, Features Editor

Mrs. Martinez is Hart High School’s newest English teacher; she began teaching at Hart in January 2023 as we returned from winter break. We talked to Mrs. Martinez, and got to know her a bit better. 

Martinez says she has always loved literature and writing, but teaching was not her first idea when thinking about what she wanted to do as a career. 

Martinez says “I always wanted to become a lawyer. After volunteering at my local parish as a Catechist and speaking with my Grandpa, I realized my passion was to teach others.” 

Martinez loves spending time with her son, Sebastian, watching movies and going to Lakers and Galaxy sports games. When not teaching at Hart, Mrs. Martinez can be found devoting time to her baby.

“I am hoping that I will soon be able to take him either to a Lakers or Galaxy game,” said Martinez. 

When asked what was something she wished someone would have told her when she was in high school, she said, “I wish I would’ve been told that your words and actions matter. Time may go by, but what you did will always be remembered by others (whether good or bad).”  

As an alumni of Hart High School, Martinez loves being back and seeing how similar it was when she was a student here, but also seeing how everything has changed. 

Besides teaching and literature, Mrs. Martinez loves the Lakers! 

About the team she said,  “My family are Lakers fans thick and through. My dad has watched the Lakers since the ‘Showtime’ era (Magic Johnson, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar), so naturally I grew up a Lakers fan.”

Mrs. Martinez can be found around campus.If you see her around, make sure to say hi and welcome her back to Hart High School!