2022’s Most Traveled to Destinations

Noah Maradiga, Staff Writer

Humans have the instinct to travel, and thanks to our progressively more advanced options for traveling, it is more available to go abroad. Flying from one continent to another, or simply going for a drive around town is enough to get us excited. But what’s more exciting than visiting a destination that not only astounds you and your friends, but just so happens to be one of the top 10 most popular destinations in the world? Here are a couple of the most sought after destinations of 2022.

Saudi Arabia’s massive skyscrapers are a sight to behold. Nothing says 2022 better than a 2,717 foot tall building. Dubai’s infamous Burj Khalifa skyscraper is still crowned as the tallest building on earth. It is so tall that it can be seen from about 60 miles away, or from anywhere in the city of Dubai. Each year, tens of millions of tourists flock to Dubai. During 2022, a total of about 8.1 million international tourists visited the city, in the course of about 6-7 months. Dubai is also home to a massive selection of foods and delectables. Some of Dubai’s most infamous dishes include Samboosa, camel sliders and camel milk and most notably, their Asian food cuisine. 

London is the biggest city in the United Kingdom, and it also ended up being one of the most visited cities of 2022. London is primarily known for their rather unusual traditions — many of which include: the Annual Sheep Drive, Peter Pan Cup, Guy Fawkes Night and many more. Last year, over 20 million tourists visited London, but why? Besides the handful of strange traditions, London houses some of the best breakfast foods out there, in fact, breakfast is commonly called “full english” by local residents. Not to mention the beautiful architecture of London’s old buildings, one of which is Big Ben.