NFL football player Damar Hamlin recovers from heart attack

Ridley Downs, Layout Editor

Not many people can claim to know the exact moment their life changed forever, but the Buffalo Bills defensive player, Damar Hamlin, had a life changing game against the Cincinnati Bengals. 

Hamlin was not a very well known player before the Bengals game. He was a  sixth-round pick meant to replace Hyde in defense. Though he has been a consistent member of the Bills’ strong defense, he is not a stand out. Hamlin is definitely a stand out now, but not for the reason he had hoped for. 

During the Bengals game, Hamlin made what should have been a routine tackle, but ended with him going into cardiac arrest. After the tackle, Hamlin stood up to continue the game as usual, but then fell backwards with no attempt to catch himself. The game immediately stopped. Fans left wondering as to what just happened, turned their attention from the game to the fallen player. 

Hamlin’s heart stopped beating. First aid and the Bills team rushed over to Hamlin and resuscitated him using electricity to restart his heart. Both the Bills and Bengals gathered around and blocked Hamlin from view trying to give him privacy. 

One of the players called Hamlin’s mom down from the stands to join him when the ambulance arrived. He was checked into University of Cincinnati Medical Center ICU and stayed there unconscious until January 6th. It was then announced that Hamiln was taken off the ventilator and was finally able to breath on his own. 

Doctors are still unsure of the exact cause of the attack, but they say that it may have been just the right amount of pressure in just the right spot to cause his heart to spasm.

Hamlin’s family made a statement to the public thanking everyone for their support and for thinking of Hamlin. They also emplored everyone to stop sending hate to the player that Hamlin tackled. They explained that it was not the opponent’s fault and that hurting him will only hurt everyone. The Bengals player has repeatedly met with and apologized to the family and even spent time in the hospital with Hamlin. He has admitted to feeling terribly guilty, but has appreciated the kindness from Hamlin and his family. 

Hamlin has begun to heal and is set to make a full recovery. He has posted several times online and joined a team meeting to let his teammates know that he was okay and recovering. The whole NFL watched this situation play out and showed great compassion for Hamlin and the Bills team. Everyone spent this time cheering a fellow player on in his recovery and showed how important every single player is no matter what team they are on because at the end of the day they are all part of the NFL.