2022-23 Senior Send-off

Kathryn Stoffel, Staff Writer

With the end of Hart’s fall season for sports this year, many seniors say goodbye to their time playing for the school. Girls’ volleyball, girls’ tennis, girls’ golf, cross country and football have all ended as the winter season begins. 

Football player Dom Michel, number 15, has played for Hart for three years. “Football at Hart has built my forever long relationships with my boys,” said Michel. “Shoutout Coach Nielsen.” 

Hart Football has made many memories down the road, the team getting close over the seasons. One of Michel’s favorite memories was beating Valencia in this past season and having everyone storm the field. “Vnat who?” said Michel, “It was a good run, rough ending, but gotta love the boys for going through the whole season with me.”

Girls’ tennis also closed out their season, coming third in league. “Playing at Hart has given me an opportunity to meet my best friends and helped teach me valuable skills,” said senior varsity player Riley Melillo. She pays respects to her coaches over the years, Eric Olsson and Allan Hardbarger. “My coaches have helped me become a better athlete and offer support,” said Melillo. “I will take with me the team working skills I learned and my experience as I enter college.” 

Senior Angel Engerran has been playing volleyball for Hart for the past four years. “One of my best memories would have to be beating Valencia in 5 on senior night,” said Engerran. “I’ve learned a lot about teamwork, and how much you can accomplish when you work with people. I’m sad that my last year is over but I’m super thankful for my team and for them making this year so special.”

Girls’ golf also finished their fall season, senior Laney Grider, having played for Hart for four years, reminiscing about her years on the team. “I am so grateful to play for such an amazing team with amazing girls who all have incredible talent,” said Grider.