The NHL skates into its 106th season

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Kaelin Daniel, Staff Writer

The National Hockey League kicked off its season October 7, 2022. The regular season began with fans filling up the stadiums all over the country, supporting the 32 NHL teams. The Nashville Predators and the San Jose Sharks kicked off the season opening night with the Predators taking the victory over the Sharks in a 4-1 win.

Many players are on track to have standout seasons. Connor McDavid, a 25-year-old forward and center for the Edmonton Oilers, is currently holding a league-leading record of 13 goals this season and 14 assists. McDavid has almost played 500 games, and he has been playing since his debut at the NHL back in 2015. 

In terms of overall team performances, the Las Vegas Golden Knights have surprised many people with their high kill level this season. The Knights are 12-2 this season and well above .500, with many in the NHL community expecting them to be well below .500 when the season began. They are on an eight-game winning streak this season with many other teams’ fans hoping the impressive streak will quickly come to an end. 

Another team, the Colorado Avalanche, have significantly underperformed compared to preseason expectations, with the team losing many key games so far this season. 

The Boston Bruins are currently 11-2, with a winning streak of one, and they are doing far better than expected. As one of the NHL’s historic franchises, the Bruins excellent start to the season is being welcomed by many. David Pastrnak, a 26-year-old right winger for the Bruins, is out on top, as he has eight goals and 12 assists. He is also  a fan favorite of the Bruins.