The lack of funding for school programs raises concerns

Avery Tracy, Opinion Editor

As the school year moves along at Hart High School, there are increased advertisements for fundraisers. Many of the time these are displayed during the school’s announcements, Hart TV; however,  the sheer multitude of them can make it hard to decipher what it’s all for. Many electives at Hart High School are being funded by the students that take those classes. For instance, Hart High Schools newspaper, The Smoke Signal, is fully funded by student-led fundraising and outside donations. This is fairly common for the different classes and extracurriculars at Hart. 

“We do ask families to donate who can, and for me the donation dollars come in about the same as what the school gives.” said John Fossa, art teacher at Hart. 

The need for funds isn’t mutually exclusive to just the arts but other classes and sports teams as well. At the beginning of the school year Ms. Smith, as science teacher at Hart, led a fundraiser to buy chemicals and glassware that would be essential for her AP chemistry class. Luckily, she met her goal; however questions have been raised about how students might suffer at schools where teachers are unable to raise the necessary funds for their programs.