Cross Country starts with a bang

Jacob Gonzalez, Staff Writer

September 16 at Woodbridge High School Hart’s cross country team had one of their first meets where they had to run for a length of three miles. 

Cross country’s first race was novice boys with Maximiliano Lozano, Leandro Gomez and Alexander Martinez getting times of 22:03.2, 22:03.4 and 22:59.1. Moving on to novice girls, Izabella Hernadez got a time of 23:44.7, Marian Hamamah 24:12.7, Sherilyn Garcia 26:27.4, Diana Beristain 28:19.4 and Mindy Saldana 36:05.3.

For the freshmen boys , Jordan Ibarra, Nicolas Zamora and Jacob Gonzalez finished with the times of 17:26.9, 17:27.1 and 20:27.3 respectively.

For the freshman girls, Vania Lemus ended with 22:37.3. 

As for the sophomore boys, Josue Lopez had a time of 16:11.0 (a personal best), Jack Stitzinger a time of 16:51.4 (another personal best), Luke Hughes 16:56.5 (a personal record) and Kyle Olivera 17:01.4.

Next was junior Diego Garcia with a time of 19:42.5. The senior boys ended with Gabriel Garcia finishing 19:05.3 and Alejandro Arriaga 20:07.7, a personal record. Finally, the girls’ varsity finished with Emma Gaxiola getting 18:55.9 (a personal record), Michaela Okuyama 19:42.0 (a personal record), April Martinez 19:59.4 (a personal record), Melani Kury 20:27.3( a personal record, Ashlynn Ahart  20:41.6 (a personal record) and Gianna Patti 21:32.9 (a personal record).