Meet Hart’s newest clubs

Ariella Kandkhorov, Head Copy Editor

The new school year is in full swing, and with that comes a handful of new clubs on campus. Some of these new clubs include Filipino by Association Club, Star Wars Club, Shirley Tempos Club and Procrastination Club.

Filipino by Association Club was founded by junior Isa Magee. “We raise awareness about Filipino culture and cultural diversity in the community,” Magee said. “I think they [students at Hart] should appreciate the Filipino culture, there’s actually a lot of Filipinos at Hart, so I think it would be cool [if students] try something new, try some new foods and learn about a new culture.” FIlipino by Association Club meets every other Wednesday — though meetings may be moved to once a month — in T-101.

Like the name suggests, Star Wars Club dedicates its time to appreciating the iconic series — they watch Star Wars, talk about Star Wars and play Star Wars games. “Last year, I started a Rubik’s cube club that had very few members and broke apart after just a few meetings. I realized that the main issue is that Rubik’s cubes are kind of a niche hobby and that if I made a club around something a little more popular, it would likely be able to last longer,” said President and founder Tate Holley. He believes clubs are a good opportunity to meet people with similar interests and he has high hopes for his club as the year progresses. “Long story short, I started a Star Wars club and, as opposed to Rubik’s cube club with only five members, for Star Wars club’s first meeting, we filled the classroom,” Holley said. Star Wars Club meets every Tuesday in Mr. Howard’s room, F-11.

Sophomore Liam Mee created the Shirley Tempos with hopes of doing homework with a hint of a cappella. “It’s so fun to just go in there and sing while working on math or English and I would recommend it to anyone who would have a good time productively singing,” Mee said. The Shirley Tempos meet on Monday and Tuesday in Mrs. Ramirez’s room, C-1. 

Procrastination Club seeks to destigmatize procrastinating, reminding Hart students that it’s a normal thing to do and that one shouldn’t feel like a bad person because they procrastinated. President Max Davis emphasizes the humanity of it, affirming that everyone does it. “To all my fellow procrastinators, I’ve created a safe space where you can avoid any assignment or project big or small. You are not worse for acknowledging something that’s a part of you. It’s a part of all of us,” he said. As for when and where the club will meet, it remains uncertain. “I say to you: [the club will meet] later. Some other day that isn’t now,” Davis said.