Shoes have weakened the human race

Avery Tracy, Opinion Editor

Shoes have been hindering the human race’s progress for the past thousands of years. We have created a world dependent on shoes that inhibit balance and have transformed the structure of our feet. It has simply slowed the progress of humans. They’re so narrow, leaving no room for the toes to stretch and expand. And, it diminishes your connection with the ground leaving you less centered with the earth. 

The time commitment is also very unreasonable, averaging 34.04 seconds to put on shoes, according to Lincohn Jones Hartman, the centerspread editor for the Hart Smoke Signal.

 This leaves you vulnerable when you run to the car to help mumsie with the groceries and the pavement absolutely scorches your feet because you disregarded shoes. If you had better trained feet, one’s built with calluses, hardened by everyday adventures, you wouldn’t be susceptible to such attacks. Shoes are a huge waste contributor as well, with many people buying two or more pairs of shoes each year. This overconsumption of a product we could potentially get rid of would vastly improve the environment. Shoes are made up of fossil fuel plastic that is difficult to recycle due to the numerous parts of a shoe, so most of the time they’re dumped in landfills contributing to the enormous waste humans produce. 

We should make a movement to send all the shoes to space and all rock the barefoot movement in order to better not only you, or your friends, but the environment as well.