All about Hart Journalism


Image from Nathalia Raio

Kaelin Daniel, Staff Writer

Breeze Aguilar and Brooke Saaty, co-editors in chief of Hart’s student newspaper, The Smoke Signal, instruct the class on the assignments for the week. Patrick Done, chief of staff, checks in with every staff writer and makes sure they are keeping up with their deadlines and engaging the student body in local, national, and international news.

The students of Hart’s Journalism class work to create quality content for Hart, doing their best to provide breaking news for our school. The Journalism class is designed to introduce students to the fundamentals of news writing, page layout and photography. The students will learn the terms, ethics, and concepts of journalism. Journalism also offers students a unique chance to interact with the student body.


“My favorite part about journalism is that when we finish writing we get to interact with people when we are done with the assignment,” says Natalia Fernandez, staff writer.

Journalism, at its core, is a student-run class, so the students can have more authority over their work and the ability to express their opinions on important information, makes it certain that The Smoke Signal is the best newspaper for Hart High School. Hart Journalism is obligated to help the students at our school know about current events that are taking place. The Smoke Signal is supposed to be a newspaper not only for news happening around Hart, but for news happening  around the world.

The Smoke Signal Staff strives to help the new and incoming members of the journalism class to make them feel as welcome as possible. Hart Journalism students work very hard to provide for the Hart High’s student body informational needs. The Staff writers of Hart Journalism research and learn about various topics, which allows them to write many articles, such as news, opinions, features, arts and reviews, and sports.

The students in Journalism class work to the deadline to ensure that a quality paper is produced. Join the Hart High Journalism Team and maybe you could be a vital source of help to this school too.