Six Flags CEO announces price increases



Image from Imashun3r of Wikimedia Commons

Natalia Fernandez, Staff Writer

As of 2022, all Six Flags parks are major spots for young teens and families to bond with friends whilst riding the many roller coasters and attractions the park has to offer. The CEO of Six Flags Amusement Parks, Salem A. Bassoul, has recently come out with a statement reporting that what was once known as an amusement park is now, a cheap day-care center for teenagers. Bassoul is working on shifting the target audience from not only teens, but to accommodate younger families. From what was once known for the cheap prices and discounts on food and drinks, ticket prices will be raised and some food discounts will be dropped in order to increase the quality of the parks and to help improve the experiences for new and returning guests. 

“And we know that families spend a lot more money in our parks than young adults,” Bassoul said. “Our percentage of families in the first half that attended our parks, given our premiumization, has been tremendous.” After years of low ticket prices, the raising of the prices may come with side effects. For example, many families who cannot afford the higher prices will stop attending the parks, causing a decrease in the number of customers who visit the parks per year. With the upcoming Fright Fest Halloween Celebrations, Six Flags is expecting a large number of people purchasing tickets for the new mazes featured in this year’s Fright Fest