A canine unit will be coming to Hart’s campus

Riley Vedomske, Copy Editor

One of the ways the district has decided to keep the school safe is by having firearm detection dogs come do random searches of our campus. The firearm detection dogs are part of the 3DK9 Detection Services. One dog and its handler will come to campus in the morning to check students when they come into school. The dog will also do a search of the school and the parking lots. There was a misconception that the dog will be searching for narcotics along with weapons, but the check will only be for firearms, explosives, gunpowder or ammunition. The searches will be conducted 10-11 times throughout the school year for each school in the Hart district.

Students on campus have different opinions on the dogs coming. Some students like the idea, feeling that our campus can be safer, and it could stop anyone from ever trying to bring a weapon on campus. Other students think it will not be effective enough, since it is happening infrequently throughout the year. They also feel that one dog might not be able to handle everything for one school, and that the school should try other methods to make students feel safe. While there are many different thoughts about whether the dogs will really be able to keep the school safe, at least we will get to be greeted by a furry friend in the morning.