Senior Farewell: Ellie Wrage

Ellie Wrage, Opinion Editor

Dear Hart High, 

Congratulations on having the most restrooms out of the Hart District high schools. Before freshman year, I made the switch from Valencia to Hart. The decision was long and hard, but I never once regretted it. To this day, I continue to brag about my school to friends at Valencia, West Ranch and Saugus. For some reason, people are constantly appalled by the number of restrooms on Hart’s campus. With more than triple the number of restrooms than Valencia, my friends envy Hart. Honestly, they should. My experience at Hart has been more than fulfilling. I will always say that Hart fosters a sense of community on and off-campus. I can’t name the number of times teachers have stayed after school with me, working on assignments or just talking. I’m proud to be a part of a community that values relationships and experiences rather than an end goal. 

While I’ll never forget falling in front of the student section at a Hart basketball game, I will also never forget my best friend who I met in APES, Mrs. Krusey’s after-school study sessions, and my crazy senior year English class. As I graduate high school, I can’t help but laugh about all the memories I made– there were definitely some interesting moments. But, I’m grateful for everything, zoom and all. I’m going to miss everyone who made my high school experience so memorable, but I’m excited about my future. That, I can accredit to Hart. Thank you for everything, Hart High. 


Ellie Wrage