The truth about club funding is revealed

Sophia Reeder, Copy Editor

Hart High School’s journalism class just finished one of their many fundraisers, this one involved selling Popcornopolis popcorn. Journalism has hosted a multitude of fundraisers this year including Popcornopolis, restaurant nights and selling See’s Candies. 

However, one might ask, “What is the reason for all of this fundraising? Doesn’t the school pay for its own newspaper?”

The answer to this question is no. The printing of Hart High’s school newspaper, The Smoke Signal is entirely funded by voluntary donations and student-run fundraising. If quotas are not met, Hart simply will not receive a printed issue. Many other classes and organizations on campus face similar financial difficulties. 

“For example, if you rent the school’s instruments, you have to pay for the repair costs yourself. I paid almost $200 to repair a school flute,” said Angelina Maldonado, a senior in Hart’s band. 

Other groups in the arts, along with sports like swim and tennis have had to rely on students to raise funds to keep these programs running at Hart.