Hart Winter Formal Rally kicks off a day of celebration

Leisha Cuneta, Social Media Manager

Hart High School’s Winter Formal Rally took place February 17, 2022, the day of the Winter formal dance “A Night in New York.”  The rally took place in the quad and had a few New York decorations, such as a mini Statue of Liberty on the stage. 

During the rally, Hart’s Winter formal court was announced. The winners of each grade were Isabella Scavo and Liam Mee, freshman, Tyler Curtis Varon and Max Davis, sophomore, Tali Tucker and Mark Lopez, junior, and the winter formal king and queen Cole Spivey and Peyton Grider, seniors. 

The purpose of the rally was to hype students up for the dance and to just get everyone prepared for the night. The rally had everyone cheering for their class and for their friends on court. Cheer came out helping everyone get excited and pumped up for the rally. Each class had a different cheer depending on which grade they were in. There was a small competition between the four classes to see who could cheer louder, ending in a senior victory. 

Later that night was the winter formal which was held by ASB in the quad, who decorated the quad with bright lights and music.