Should teens have jobs?

Jaysea Danielson, Copy Editor

Teens working is so important and a crucial step into entering the real world. However, some assistance should be offered to students that may struggle finding a balance between maintaining their academic education while navigating the real working world.

If work could become connected with the school, it would make it safer for teenagers. There are certain regulations and they will be more enforced if the school is involved. Such as, students cannot be overworked and the hours in which they work would flow nicely without interfering with a student’s education.

Teens should also be awarded school credits for working. Jobs are a lot to handle on top of school work, there needs to be some sort of balance between credits and paychecks. The thing about school is it’s supposed to prepare students for the real world, so having the two come together would make it much more efficient and appealing. 

The amount of teenagers working has begun to diminish as time goes on because of how hard it is to find jobs. These students need the money for the college but making this money would be for nothing if they aren’t getting the credits they require to graduate highschool or furthermore go to four-year colleges.

Not all parents can pay for their children to get the opportunity of going to college. Scholarships are also much harder to come by than I think most people realize. Even if students do get a scholarship the textbooks expenses are also a struggle for a lot of students. So, students should be given the opportunity to work towards providing for their dreams and put together a savings for college.

To work, a lot of students would need to get out at lunch but because of this they’re missing out on two classes. If work could be counted as credits it would be so helpful and teens wouldn’t need to make these credits up in summer classes and can instead work all throughout the year.