Thank you Hart staff!

Benedetta Daugereau, Arts and Reviews Editor

There are many staff members at Hart that don’t get the love and appreciation they deserve. Many staff members have to deal with students that are disrespectful and unappreciative towards the people that are there to care for them. Some of these staff members include our Cafeteria and Janitorial staff, as well as our campus supervisors.

Ms. Chitra, Ms. Mary, Ms. Jo, Ms. Julie, Ms. Sabrina and Ms. Khruawan. Most people will hear those names and have no idea who those incredible individuals are, but they see them every day. Every day, these wonderful ladies come and serve us breakfast and lunch, and we all take their kindness for granted. These ladies are so kind to the students and should be treated with the amount of kindness they give to everyone else. 

Our school has 9 custodians: Robert Garcia, Raul Guerrero, Henry Hernandez, Phil Lamas, Joe Macdonald, Oscar Martinez Barrera, Celine Perez and Sean Randall. We also have Ignacio Hernandez and Sean Ventsam as our two groundskeepers, Rodrigo Mendoza as our plant manager, and Ruben Gitoerrez as our maintenance custodian. All of these people take care of our campus to keep it clean and keep the plants healthy. These kind janitors have to clean up all the messes we make during the school day, and usually it’s a big mess. As high school students, we can help make their workload lighter by cleaning up after ourselves and learning to fix the messes we make.

A group of staff that the students might know a bit better would be the campus supervisors. Students usually talk to these people often and have a relationship with them. This group of individuals includes Robin Dixon, Deborah Hawley, Heather Lasko, Rachel Varon, Bryan Martuscello, Russ Jordan and Craig Jaffe. Even though some already have good relationships with the campus supervisors, there are still other people that do not treat them with respect. These supervisors are here to ensure our safety and they should be treated with kindness and respect. 

Also among people students might know better are the librarians. Cerstin Breslin, Rowena Tilton and Alice Perez are the three Hart librarians. They are very kind to all the students and make sure that they all get the books they need and return them. They take care of our library to make sure that we always have a place to get any books we need and to make sure that the books are never damaged.

Some other staff that students don’t know very well include the instructional assistants, bilingual instructional assistants, clerical staff, the registrar, and the attendance staff.

The Bilingual Instructional Assistants include Diana Aguilar, Karen Lopez, Beatriz Noguera, Ana Velazquez Hernandez, Carina Cisneros, Gloria Martinez and Elida Ramirez.arrington, Mary Lawrence, Jill Rankin, Natalie Sweeney, Terrence Gauthier and Brian Ritter. These very kind people help students that don’t speak English as their first language. They help them learn English by translating terms that the students don’t understand.

The clerical staff includes Lorena Gonzalez and Jennie Kang working at the counseling office, Cynthia Ramirez and Adriana DeFazio working at the AP office, Stacey Meyers working at the ASB office, Lara Clark working as the office manager, Sarah Caduff as the receptionist, Wendy Salkeld as our health technician, and Donna Washington as our CCR specialist. The secretaries field phone calls, set up appointments, and make sure that the Guidance office runs smoothly. They have often been referred to as the backbone of their department.

The registrar and attendance staff include Kim Mason and Christine Tempesta as the registrar and Andrew Estrada and Mindy Schnieber as the attendants. The registrar staff is responsible for all of the student records. They work on enrolling students and ensuring their high school diploma is valid. They update records constantly and send out senior transcripts. The attendance staff make sure that no one is marked late or missing if they are actually at school, and they also help students leave campus and re-enter if they need to go for specific reasons.