A child with finger-sized legs and leg-sized fingers is born

Steve Rogers, Arts and Reviews Editor

In an alarming turn of events, a child with finger-sized legs and leg-sized fingers is born. His tiny legs are not strong enough to carry his body, and he has to learn to walk around using his modified leg-sized fingers. His parents had been wondering about genetic engineering and decided to do some modifications to their children.

They started small, changing physical appearance rather than the entire genome. Their first child was modified to have purple eyes and red hair. The modifications produced a magnificent child, but after a couple of years this child would grow to be bullied by all the kids around her for her differences. Her parents did not like this, and they started scheming about their next child.

After the first successful modification, the parents tried pushing for more modifications on their next child. This child would be born with strong muscles, super fast legs and fire resistant skin. This would ensure that he would win every Olympic track game possible, as he could run at the speed of light (and faster) without catching on fire. Not only that, but he would be a deterrent to people that wanted to bully his sister. If he could see that she was being hurt by others, he could quickly make his way over to her location and run the people over. 

Seeing as they made a perfect track runner and bodyguard, the children’s parents got a bit ambitious on their third child. They wanted to do something big that would wow everyone while also creating the most feared human on the planet. After reading an article written by Hart High School asking students about if they would rather have finger-sized legs or leg-sized fingers, his parents decided this would be their child. He would not have one or the other. No. This child would have both. His genome would be unique and would not be the same as all the other kids in his class. Of course, he might be bullied for his strange looks, but having 10 leg-sized fingers means that he could defend himself and fight anyone anywhere and always win. If his opponents happened to have the upper hand, he still had an older brother with superhuman speed that could come to his aid when necessary.

His parents have already started planning their next modified child. The government reached out to the parents asking about a possible military weapon by combining their younger two children. In mixing the super speed, fire resistance, finger-sized legs and leg-sized fingers, they could create a powerful military weapon that could change the course of history forever. Of course, the parents agreed, but they are also looking at plans for more modified children down the road that could work more efficiently as military weapons.