The long awaited “The Batman” movie is here

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Lucas Enrique Gomez, Sports Editor

The Batman has been anticipated endlessly since its announcement in 2019. Following its multiple postponements, The Batman was finally released March 4th of this year and lives up to all the hype. The newest reboot of the Batman story sees the caped crusader (Robert Pattinson) and Catwoman (Zoë Kravitz) face Paul Dano’s Riddler. Director Matt Reeves took obvious inspiration from David Fincher’s crime thrillers Se7en and Zodiac, culminating in a dark neo-noir take on the classic comic book hero. A huge step up from Snyder’s Batman films, The Batman is incredibly technically impressive, with beautiful cinematography from Greig Fraser, cinematographer for best picture nominee Dune, and an exciting score from Up composer Michael Giacchino. 

The casting is a huge positive of this film, with John Turturro, Andy Serkis, Jeffrey Wright, Colin Farrell, and many other supporting roles being played perfectly. The three hour runtime flies by and even as the final scene ends, leaves you wishing for more. Many comparisons have been drawn between this film and Nolan’s most popular Batman film, The Dark Knight, which is commonly considered the greatest comic book movie of all time. In my opinion The Batman is a better film but may be worse when considered as a pure comic book film. The Dark Knight does a better job of embodying the larger-than-life characters and plot while The Batman is more impressive technically and remains somewhat grounded in reality. 

“5 Stars” – Lucas Gomez”

Grossing a whopping $134 million in its debut weekend, it has been wildly successful and rightfully so. The greatest superhero film in decades, The Batman will be enjoyable to anyone from Marvel fans to Lynch stans. This film will soon be considered a 21st century neo-noir classic, and is a worthwhile watch for everyone.