Do Snapple’s new bottles degrade their product?

Achlys Cisneros, Staff Writer

Snapple Tea has rebranded their bottles to cheap plastic instead of glass. These new bottles are not satisfying and go against everything Snapple should stand for! The bottles used to pop when opening the lid but now the lids just screw off.  The glass was iconic and seemed to make the tea even more refreshing. Drinking out of plastic bottles just does not have the same feel. The glass bottles are what made Snapple iconic and special. Without the glass, Snapple is just like any other drink.

Snapple claims that the reason for the change is to make the bottles 100% recyclable, but,Glass is one of the most recyclable items on the planet.,” said Considering this, recyclability may not be the problem at hand. Snapple seemed to switch because they are cheap. Glass bottles are more expensive than plastic bottles. However, this is no reason to abandon the best thing about their product.  

Snapple has become untrustworthy to loyal customers simply because they wanted to save some money. This is the worst decision they have ever made and they should regret every bit of it. If they want their original customers back they need to switch to the classic glass bottles that they are known for and apologize for the mistakes they made.