Hart Basketball returns after a delay to the start of the season

Leisha Cuneta, Social Media Manager

Hart Basketball’s season is finally here after being postponed. This season the team has new goals, plans, and challenges that they will need to face. 

Their coaches Mr. Kelly and Mr. Mike plan for a consistent and reliable season where the boys gain strength, focus on their fundamental skills, learn to be team players, and practice hard to get into the playoffs. 

With Covid still around players still work their best to keep improving. Practices are 5-6 times a week and 2 hours a day. 

 “The boy’s team watches a film on their opponents before practice to learn the opposing team’s strengths and weaknesses and to recognize their best players.” Mr. Mike said.

 Both the girl’s and the boy’s teams have been working hard during both practices and games. 

“The girl’s varsity team consists of 10 hard-working players that get along well with each other and their coach,” Mr. Kelly said. 

“The boy’s team consists of hard-working players that have good team chemistry and push each other to improve every day,” Mr. Mike said. 

Both teams hope to do their best every day and be there for each other throughout the year. 

“I want to make it to the playoffs and at least get to the semifinals. I want to keep playing with these guys for as long as I can, also to beat west ranch. Definitely, a fun team to be on. All these guys can joke with each other but when it’s game time they’re all focused and locked in. I’m gonna miss the seniors and miss playing with them but hopefully next year we can bring home the league title!” said Hart High Junior Basketball player Nathan Kaufman.