Are fake Hart Instagram accounts having a negative effect?

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Ellie Wrage, Opinion Editor

Hart students have taken to Instagram, creating accounts labeled @harthighconspiracies, @hhs.sleepas, @harthigh.confessions, @hhsbad.parking and more. These accounts have stirred up some controversy among students, but are they truly causing harm?

Personally, I do not believe such accounts need to be deleted or banned. While some believe account posts may walk the line of bullying or inappropriate behavior, it is important to remember that the accounts were made to make people laugh. Is it truly inappropriate to post a picture of someone sleeping? I believe not, but take that as you will. A personal favorite is the bad parking account. Somehow, numerous high school students have passed their driving tests while lacking the inability to park between two parallel lines. Students can send in pictures of bad parking jobs and the account will post them. Honestly, I think this causes no harm. 

These accounts are meant to be something that makes people laugh or smile throughout the day. Admittedly, it’s funny to see people fail at tasks that seem so simplistic. In a way, these accounts work together to compile “Hart’s Funniest Home Videos”. There is a reason people post random stuff that honestly has no meaning…it’s funny. And who doesn’t love a good laugh? More importantly, if students, staff or parents have an issue with a post, they can ask for the post to be taken down and the accounts should comply. If not, then the question of whether or not the account should be deleted should be revisited. But for now, the Instagram trend that has swept many schools remains a favorable gimmick, in my opinion.