Rachel Balkovec marks first female head coach in baseball

Daira Prieto, Staff Writer

The New York Yankees introduced Rachel Balkovec as the first female manager in the minor leagues for the Tampa Tarpons. Balkovec was a catcher for Creighton University and the University of New Mexico softball team. She joined the Yankees organization as a minor league hitting coach and in the 2021 season was a hitting instructor in Tampa. 

 After college, she got into professional baseball becoming a strength and conditioning coach for the St. Louis Cardinals. Balkovec was then the strength and conditioning coordinator for the Houston Astros.  

“In 2018 she left the astros to pursue her second master’s degree in human movement sciences at Vrije University in the Netherlands” says The New York Times. In December 2019 she told reporters she views her path as an advantage. 

“As a manager Balkovec will be responsible for guiding the team coaches, players and staff helping players develop and making in-game tactical decisions including running a pitching staff,” said the New York Times. 

She will also continue to demonstrate her expertise and the leadership for the Yankees organization.