Do broccoli and cauliflower taste the same?

Avery Tracy, Backpage Editor

Although I have limited knowledge of the culinary world, I do have strong opinions of certain produce. The vegetable I’m addressing generally harbors some childhood trauma; it’s green, treelike, and maybe even flew into your mouth with an accompanying airplane noise in order for you to consume it. You might have a name in mind- that’s good, keep it. You’re probably familiar with its identical twin brother, the albino of the two, with similar properties such as a flowering top combined with a stalk, making it look like a miniature tree. Ah yes, broccoli and cauliflower! 

These two vegetables are commonly mistaken for one another, even with the drastic color difference. Although they come from the same family, Brassicacae, there’s slight differences in their nutrients, structure, and overall appearance. However, while reading numerous articles of people advocating for the comparisons to stop and that ultimately we should all recognize they are completely different, why then do so many of us mistake the two?

From a visual standpoint they look different besides color, one having a more solid form (cauliflower) and the other being more bushy (broccoli), but with respect to touch they feel the same and with regards to smell they’re identical. Then perhaps it’s taste. Even with all the visual differences it’s still hard to separate the two because if steamed and pampered with garlic salt, they taste exactly the same. The taste is so similar, if not exact, that it’s human to get them mixed up. 

However, taste is subjective and this is my humble opinion, but think what you want!