Disney’s new Spider-Man: No Way Home Movie marks the return cinema


Photo from commons.wikimedia.org

Benedetta Daugereau, Arts and Reviews Editor

Spider-Man: No Way Home was a major turning point in the Marvel Cinematic Universe that changed many storylines for multiple characters, which is probably why Marvel decided to make this one such a big hit and spent so much  money on it. They spent $200 million to ensure the movie would be perfect and made $1.625 billion in return. This movie didn’t double or even triple the amount they spent, but it made back what they spent eightfold. The amount of money they got for this movie goes to show how much the crowd loved it, since none of the other movies released during COVID made this much money. Marvel had also previously made another movie  called Eternals, and that movie only made $401.9 million, less than a fourth of what No Way Home made.

All other movies made during COVID didn’t even get close to making as much money as No Way Home, with the highest after Eternals being Bad Boys For Life with $204.42 million, 1917 with $157.9 million, and Sonic the Hedgehog with $146.07 million. None of these movies even reached the billions. This is proof that theater is returning. For around two years the movie industry has struggled with in-theater movies and many have been postponed because of COVID restrictions and the fact that the general public probably wouldn’t go watch them during this time, but with No Way Home making such a big impact, it is likely we will be seeing the return of the theater very soon.