New Information in the Zodiac Killer saga

Katherine Anderson, Copy Editor

In the late 1960s, multiple murders occurred in communities across Northern California. These murders were all connected to the serial killer most known as the Zodiac Killer. It is confirmed that the Zodiac Killer murdered five people, but many suspect he is responsible for even more. Since the late 1960’s the Zodiac Killer has yet to be identified. October 7, 2021, the Case Breakers Team named Gary Francis Poste as the man responsible, linking him as the face of the Zodiac Killer.

 The Case Breakers are a team of 40 plus investigators that all have former law enforcement, military, forensic academic and legal backgrounds. Using older methods such as personal follow-ups, returned calls and stakeouts, this team’s goal is to bring justice and correct injustice. The Case Breaker’s claim to have cracked the case regarding the identification of the Zodiac Killer. New physical and forensic evidence, as well as eyewitness testaments, are credited to this recent identification. 

Gary Francis Poste was a house painter and U.S.A.F. veteran. Poste passed away in 2018 due to sepsis, septic shock, dysphasia and dementia at the age of eighty. 

Taking into account that police departments worldwide continue receiving tips and allegations years after cases, this is no different. Due to the multiple tips the police have received over the years, it is reasonable that they have merely disregarded this new allegation as merely a guess. No new efforts have been made and nothing has changed since the Case Breakers released this information. Despite the law enforcement’s second guess, Tom Colbert is confident they have finally found the person responsible for the five deaths. Colbert told the San Francisco Chronicle, “​​I absolutely feel we solved this case,” says Colbert who is a member of the Case Breakers team.

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