Halloween Kills Review

Jaysea Danielson, Staff Writer

Halloween Kills is a new movie out in US theatres October 15, 2021. The movie is a spinoff of 12 other Halloween movies, the first being from 1978. 

There was no disappointment from this film, though the outrageous gore could make anyone nauseous. The sinister plots at every point in the movie hit hard, with false accusations and unsuspecting victims, everything about this movie was frightening. 

The music from John Carpenter really helped to create the mood as it gave me goosebumps throughout nearly the entire movie.

Halloween Kills released many feelings of horror when the audience is  subtly led to realise the character’s demise could not be stopped through Michael Myers’ savage force.

As one of the more scarier movies, I think what really makes it so entertaining is the bits of comedy strewn throughout the movie. I feel there were a lot of moments with dark bits of humor and even just silly pieces thrown around, with deaths that were arguably much more funny than sad.

I truly think it’s worth watching, I’d have to give it a four out of five stars as it’s a great series with creative and consistent writing, funny cut scenes leading to even better death scenes that’s surely worth your money.