Who are Santa Clarita’s heroes?

Daira Prieto, Staff Writer

Community Heroes like teachers, firefighters, police officers, doctors etc. are useful for our city but also at times not always the most helpful for our community.

Let’s start with teachers. Every teacher is of course different. There are the fun laidback ones, and then there’s the strict Dolores Jane Umbridge teachers (Harry Potter reference). Teachers are not as bad as some of us make them seem. Most teachers are hard on us to improve ourselves and to be ready for the future. These teachers are helpful to  the community because they do what they can to prepare us students for the future, whether that’s a higher grade, paying taxes, going to college or getting a job, they do their best to get us ready for it. On the other hand, some other teachers aren’t so helpful. Some teachers teach us repeated, useless things that we either have learned or will never use in the future.

Firefighters are very helpful to our community because they save lots of lives while risking their lives as well as some are losing their life and also fighting fires around the city. Firemen also teach not just the youth, but adults as well about hazards and how they should be handled. Taking this job comes with a lot of work, and the risk of being a firefighter involves volunteering your time, maintaining a clean background and lifestyle, taking a test and getting some life experience. Having them risk or lose their life to save us and our city is a big decision to make and the community should show respect and give thanks to them and their whole team. Without these people, who knows how our community will be with fires happening and having them ruining the city?

Police officers. Oh where do I start with the police? This community has had very tough situations with the police. The police, yes, are very important to our community of course. They keep our community safe. There are police that are not so harsh or rough on people of the community, but then there are the police who claim to “do their job,” but doing their job is not choosing who did a crime and who didn’t based on a color or looks. Doing their job is not “mistaking” someone for someone else. As much as a lot of people dislike the cops in this city, without them, this community will most likely be destroyed by people who don’t make the brightest decisions. 

Doctors are important and helpful to our community because they save our lives. Doctors also make a difference by helping patients minimize pain and recover from disease. They teach us about our health and bones and how to deal with an injury. Doctors care for our bodies as well, and tell us whether we are taking care of them or what to do to take care of them. They fight for our lives; they will do everything they can to save lives. The only downside to a doctor is that they take forever to attend to us. Not many people have patience. Having these people in our community is important. Many people would have lost their lives if there were no sort of doctor or medic to take care of them and help them heal from any serious injury or sickness.  

These are some of our community’s heroes that make a difference for not just our community, but for our people. Whether it’s health, school, future or jobs, they all help us in different types of ways.