The Star Wars prequels: low-quality cinema, high-quality memes

Landon Artero, Staff Writer

Recently it has come to my attention that multiple people don’t appreciate the Star Wars prequels and even suggest that they should not have even been made. This statement is very untrue because the Star Wars trilogy we have is some of the first instances of memes in film.

Though we do not know if George Lucas intentionally made these movies memorable due to the fact that every line can be used in a meme like way. We do know he put his time and money into the movies due to the movies costing a total of 720 million dollars in the United States. 

These one off lines have made this movie so popular to this day. For example, if you yell “I have the high ground, Anakin!” people will automatically either know what you’re talking about or look at you weird for yelling that. But these lines are just funny anyway like “Do it!” which i have heard multiple times from people.

Memes aside these movies had some of the best characters like General Grievous that showed droids can be cool too with him having 4 arms and using 4 jedi lightsabers. These movies also introduced darth maul and his double sided lightsaber, which is still my favorite design in the movies. And everyone knows Obi-Wan and his iconic line “Hello there” or Anakin who (spoilers) becomes Darth Vader. 

The storytelling is good because these movies focus on how Anakin transitions to the dark side with help from Emperor Palpatine, who is a senator in those movies. Plus these movies have an amazing cast like Natalie Portman, Christopher Lee, Samuel L. Jackson and many more.

The Star Wars prequel trilogy might be notorious for how bad it was but to many these are film treasures and are some good movies to rewatch with some amazing fight scenes, landscapes and characters. I recommend watching these movies if you have never seen them because they are classics to many people and deserve to be seen.