Red Cross Club has many service and learning opportunities in the works

Irene Carrascoza, Copy Editor

Hart Red Cross Club serves our community through service, education and leadership. This club is one of many that help the Red Cross fulfill its humanitarian mission. Students can develop leadership skills and discover new ways of self-development. Many activities they do help the community’s biggest needs and the people in our community as well. In February, the club held an event that celebrated Black History Month. For this special event, they had guest speakers and focused on black individuals that were great leaders in the past and helped shape today’s history. 

Moving forward, another blood drive will be held at Hart in June, and many other events are planned for the rest of the school year based on mental health, college prep, house fire safety, movie and game nights and so much more. Anyone interested in joining the club or wanting to get a leadership position can join the Red Cross Club’s Google Classroom with the code ac462z5.