The latest update on how sports are dealing with COVID-19

Vincent Tiscareno, Staff Writer

Recently sports have slowly been able to get back into things. States such as Texas and Arizona already have sports in full motion. Professional sports are playing but with very strict guidelines as well. But states such as California aren’t as fortunate. According to the CIF, most counties are in the “widespread” category which means little to no contact sports such as golf and cross country can start up again. But a minimal number of counties are in the “moderate” to “substantial” categories which would allow sports such as football and baseball to begin. 

There hasn’t been any update about how counties are dealing with COVID since February 1, 2021. In that update, the CIF State Action Items were boys and girls Cross-Country was allowed to begin, along with the cancellation of Competitive Cheer Championships. The most recent CIF meeting was held February 5, 2021. During this meeting, council members casted their vote on State Action Items (cross-country and cheer championships). As well as held a discussion about the other sports not on the action list. This past week we were supposed to get confirmation on a football season from Hart District but the announcement was delayed. 

With the cancelation of sports, it came with very alarming data collected by coaches.

“Among the measurable data that coach Walsh and the community were able to collect from football programs only: 1,087 Players ineligible, 253 High School Dropouts, 64 Student-athletes incarcerated, 85 Students who have joined gangs [and] 38 New fathers,” said Football Scoop.

Statistics like this are very alarming, this is another reason we should push to get sports back, but with stricter guidelines to keep things flowing.