Morgan Wallen’s new album release

Vinicia Tiscareno


Morgan Wallen’s new album is overall a plus to country music. Dangerous: The Double Album features a variety of 30 upbeat and downbeat songs. Songs like “Wasted on You” and “Warning” display the somber part of his album, while songs like “Dangerous” and “Whatcha Think of Country Now” show the upbeat, party side of the album. 

The backstory to this album summarizes Wallen’s overall journey in the music industry, including the times he was arrested, attended parties, and became a father. These songs express his life and how it has changed since gaining fame. 

“Wallen soon discovered the harmful side effects of fame once TikTok videos went viral,” says 

For almost a month, Wallen partied with sorority girls from Alabama colleges. His partying led to a downfall in his career, which would eventually be picked back up with his recent album.

The album was released on January 8th and became a hit with a cumulative 240.18 million streams on all music platforms. Wallen co-wrote half of the album with other songwriters like Hardy, Dallas Davidson, Jack Osbourne and more. However,  most people were unaware of the story behind the release date. One week before the release date, the album was leaked by Walmart.  The leak went viral when Wallen’s fans  began sharing images of the album and clips of the songs. Wallen was devastated when he heard the news that the album he had been working on for three years was leaked. He also said that although there was a problem with the date, he was still happy that fans enjoyed the new album. 

Overall, this album was a hit.