Crisis on Infinite Teen Dramas charity event provides lighthearted entertainment

Kyla Jones, Centerspread Editor

Bitter Script Reader, a Twitter personality popular among the TV and movie industry, recently organized a live read of the feature-length script Crisis on Infinite Teen Dramas. The live read took place October 30, with the proceeds going to charity: specifically, Center for Heirs Property Preservation and Hollywood Support Staff Relief Fund. 

Crisis on Infinite Teen Dramas is a parody of the similarly named Crisis on Infinite Earths, a crossover event that took place in late 2020. Crisis on Infinite Teen Dramas used the same story device as the original source material, with the key difference being the universes being connected. The feature-length script featured popular dramas: material ranged from Dawson’s Creek, Everwood and Glee to Riverdale, Gilmore Girls and 13 Reasons Why.

Bitter Script Reader first posted a couple pages of the script as a joke; however, when the pages started to gain traction, he decided to expand the piece into a full script. Even then, the script gained more popularity, so he decided to organize a live read at the request of its fans.

Despite not being a studio-sponsored event, Crisis on Infinite Teen Dramas featured a variety of high profile actors and actresses. Bitter Script Reader teamed up with Greg Berlanti in order to organize the event: Berlanti, a member of Hollywood Reporter’s “Top 50 Most Powerful Showrunners” list, is the showrunner responsible for the original Crisis event. Participants include Melissa Fumero (Brooklyn 99), Emmy Raver-Lampman (Umbrella Academy), Vella Lovell (Crazy Ex-Girlfriend), Jaime Moyer (AP Bio), Emily VanCamp (The Falcon and Winter Soldier) and many more.

Prior to the read, Bitter Script Reader had remained anonymous. He began his blog in 2009 under the aforementioned handle, remaining nameless even as his following grew. He declined interviews in order to remain anonymous. Now, however, Bitter Script Reader elected to reveal his name: Adam Mallinger.

“This project is so huge, I had to have my real name on it, so after over 11 years—the mask has totally fallen,” said Mallinger on the blog post announcing the live read.