Updates on CW TV show production during the pandemic

Kyla Jones, Centerspread Editor

The CW network is finally getting back to business. The film industry has gradually begun filming television shows again with restrictions on the amount of people on set

A completely new show is airing on the CW network on February 23, 2021: Superman and Lois. The show is taking a new approach on the typical Superman formula: whereas Smallville and Lois and Clark focuses on Clark Kent himself. The new show focuses on a family dynamic between Superman, Lois, and their two sons. Superman and Lois began filming in October and is expected to conclude filming in May 2021.

Batwoman, the second newest of the superhero shows, has gotten a facelift: the titular Batwoman character Kate Kane (Ruby Rose) has left the show and has been replaced by a different character. Javicia Leslie will play Ryan Wilder in the second season of the show. In late October, Leslie’s new suit was revealed to be completely different from the original. The premiere is set for January 17, 2021.

One more superhero show is coming to the network: the DC hero Wonder Girl, Wonder Woman’s protege, is getting her own show. The show will follow a Yara Flor, who was born of an Amazonian Warrior and a Brazilian river god. Dailyn Rodriguez will write and act as showrunner for the production.

Most other “Arrowverse” shows have been renewed, though many are seeing their final seasons: Supergirl will end with the oncoming sixth season.

In non-superhero news, the longest running sci-fi show Supernatural ended November 19 with a highly anticipated finale. Unfortunately, the finale was largely hated by fans.

Most other shows have a 2021 release date, such as Legacies with a January 21, 2021 premiere.