New club on campus raises awareness about human trafficking

Brooke Saaty, Sports Editor

Students Against Trafficking Club (SAT Club) was formed to raise awareness about the problem that is human trafficking. The club is partnered with the nonprofit organization Operation Underground Railroad, which is dedicated to working together with law enforcement to end human trafficking.

“The purpose of our club is to educate ourselves and others as well as to raise awareness about human trafficking,” said Holly Hyer, the president of SAT.

Hyer started the club after reading the book Slave Steelers by Tim Ballard, the founder of Operation Underground. She was immediately inspired to create a club at school to help the fight against human trafficking.

“When we learned that slavery was abolished in the US at the end of the Civil War, I think we like to give ourselves a pat on the back, and freeing so many people is really good. But we must remember that there are still millions of people enslaved right now. [Human trafficking] is the fastest growing criminal enterprise on the planet, and it is happening in our country, our state, everywhere. I think we forget about modern slavery because the people who are enslaved are not able to speak up for themselves. We must stand up for these people because if we do not, who will?” said Hyer.

The club is open to anyone who wants to join. SAT meets every other Wednesday from 12:50 to 1:30 p.m. on Zoom. The Google Classroom code for the club is dy7ixrq, and the Remind code is 7kkh28.