Non-binary bathrooms are an important step in helping all genders feel accepted

Sara Dadlani, Staff Writer

California is a large, diverse state. A large community, the LGBTQIA+, has been more accepted, especially since the legalization of same-sex marriage in the U.S. in 2015. Yet there are still certain battles the LGBTQIA+ community continue to fight. The “T” in the acronym represents transgender, the transition from one’s born gender to the opposite. There’s much debate about which bathrooms transgender individuals should use. A transgender person should use the bathroom they feel comfortable using, and people, such as teachers, should not prevent them from it. 

There should be a comfortable place for all. As opposed to what many people believe, there are not just two genders. There is a large number of people who identify as non-binary, the feeling of not relating or wanting to be one gender more than the other. As a result, I believe schools should have bathrooms for trans and non-binary people. They wouldn’t have to choose. I believe the addition of these bathrooms would create a safe space for students and make them feel more accepted in the school environment. 

As with all ideas, I understand the cons that can come with this. Perhaps students will receive backlash from others for using these bathrooms, or ones who do not identify as non-binary will use them as a joke. But, I think we should still do this because having a space for them will make them feel more welcome. In the meantime, we can also enforce other rules to eliminate further bullying or wrong usage of the bathrooms, such as prevention of people who do not identify as non-binary or trans to use them. 

Put yourself in a non-binary person’s shoes. You would want these bathrooms, right?