Piece of Hart: What advice do you have for other students during distanced learning?

Sara Dadlani, Staff Writer

The staff of The Smoke Signal was curious about any advice that students could offer to other peers regarding distance learning. We interviewed four students from each grade level to see what their responses would be.

“Make sure to stay on top of your work as best you can, check the to-do section in Google Classroom, and don’t be afraid to ask your teachers for help!” said freshman Maddie Grimes.

“With distance learning, you get back what you put it. Regular school allowed us to slack off a bit, but now that we are in online school if you don’t put in the work there will not be a big return. A lot of kids will get marginalized from this so you kinda have to pick where you want to be,” said sophomore Dylan Gardiner.

“I would say just try to focus on your work and class. I know it can be hard during these times with a whole new world of learning, but eventually, all the hard work will pay off!” said junior Sarah Wathen.

“Complete as many assignments as you can during class so that you’re not procrastinating later in the day when class is already over,” said senior Kristian Greene.