Remembering Michael Lodl

Nicole Felici, Editor in Chief

Over this past summer, Hart High School lost an irreplaceable student. Senior Michael Lodl, also known by his Polish name “Mehow,” passed away July 7, 2020.

A few days after Lodl’s passing, a candlelight vigil was held at Newhall Park to honor and remember him. The outpouring of support for the family and friends of Lodl was not only demonstrated in the 200+ people who came, but also in the meaningful words that were spoken. While candles were distributed, students, parents and faculty shared cherished memories and words of support. Any person who attended could clearly see the immense positive impact that Lodl had on the lives of many people. 

Lodl was and forever will be a notable member of the Tribe. He played for the boys’ soccer team, typically filling the position of keeper. He was immediately placed on the junior varsity team his freshman year and was moved up to varsity for his sophomore season. Soccer was not Lodl’s only athletic commitment at Hart, he was also a member of the boys’ tennis team in ninth grade. An avid athlete all his life, Lodl’s commitment to sports and love for the game was deeply felt by his teammates. At the vigil, many boys who played with him commented on how Lodl’s natural talent and learned skill made him a key member of their team. 

In terms of academics, Lodl was also a standout student from a very young age. Throughout his early schooling, he received numerous awards for his academic excellence, was placed in advanced groups and classes and competed in mathematics competitions. Lodl’s achievements continued when he arrived at Hart, as he challenged himself with AP courses and showed an affinity for math and physics. Much like his athletics, Lodl’s natural prowess in academics and his hard work helped him become a successful high school student. 

Michael “Mehow” Lodl is missed by family and countless friends, but the positivity that he brought to his hobbies, schooling and relationships will never be forgotten.