Which TV shows and movies have resumed production?

Javier Valencia, Staff Writer

Since the emergence of COVID-19, many film and TV productions have been halted due to safety concerns. Even so, with safety protocols in place, some movies and TV shows have been able to start resuming production. 

One movie that has resumed is Jurassic World: Dominion. This movie was originally stated to be released in June of 2021, but on Twitter the organization revolving around Jurassic Parks production recently stated the movie will be released June 10, 2022 instead. Universal, the company producing the movie, has stated that strict guidelines will be enforced to ensure safety of the crew and actors.

Another movie that has resumed production is Avatar. Due to the virus, the movie has been delayed by a few months. James Cameron, the writer and producer of the original movie, said that his team are still able to work on the visual effects during the lockdown, but were still limited due to being at home.  

According to Deadline (an online news site), TV show Jeopardy! has been confirmed to have resumed production in July. But of course, COVID-19 guidelines will still apply. They will have to keep distance and try to stay safe. Although tweaks to the show to keep people safe from the coronavirus will be noticeable, the show will be back on track.   

Another TV show that will be resuming is Dancing With the Stars. ABC Network has confirmed that this show will be resuming filming. They resumed production September 14 and some dancers that have returned to set include Sasha Farber, Peta Murgatroyd, Pasha Pashkov and Gleb Savchenko.