Artist of the Issue: Lucas Robinson

Shayna Tilles, Arts & Reviews Editor

Lucas Robinson, senior, has been playing the marching snare drum for the Hart High School Regiment all four years of high school. His music career, however, started way before high school. Robinson began playing percussion in the fourth grade and has continued to do play since then. 

Starting his junior year, Robinson took on the position of percussion section leader for Hart Regiment, which he is continuing through his senior year. His responsibilities include helping out at rehearsals, delegating tasks to people and making sure rehearsals run as smoothly as possible. 

“As I grew in my position and I was more used to the responsibilities, I was put as center snare, second semester of my junior year. Now, I continue as the center snare and section leader for the Hart Regiment percussion section,” said Robinson.

Being a part of the band program taught Robinson about work ethic and determination. He has learned he can do anything he puts his mind to, both in terms of playing and teaching. This led him to audition for a drum corps and play marching snare drum on a national tour for Vessel Drum Corps in the summer of 2019.  

“When summer started, we had rehearsal much more frequently and started touring and playing shows. One of the  main ones in SoCal included at the Rose Bowl. It was super cool playing with people as good or better than me, so I could really grow as a player,” Robinson said.

For the future members of the Hart Regiment, Robinson advises to take in as much information as you possibly can. 

“The program is super rewarding, and will teach you skill sets and mindsets you can apply to life outside of band. Everyone that goes through the program truly evolves and grows as a person,” Robinson said.