Numerous wildfires are blazing across California

Irene Carrascoza, Staff Writer

California has had multiple fires since the beginning of the year. From January 1 to September 1, 2020, there have been 7,563 wildfires. As of the month of September, there are 22 major fires still burning, many being very close to full containment. Although there are only 22 fires, they have all burned over 2.1 million acres combined. Because of all these fires, there are more than 12,400 people evacuated out of their areas. 

The most recent El Dorado fire, caused by a gender reveal party, has burned up to 11,479 acres so far since September 5, 2020. As of September 9, 2020, the fire has been 19% contained. An increase of wind has caused the fire and smoke to spread throughout the area. The number of structures damaged and burned is still being investigated. Residents in this area are being told to evacuate as quickly as possible in order to be protected. Aircraft is being used both to take trapped residents out of the fire’s range and to help extinguish it. About 977 firefighters have been assigned to combat the fire as fast as possible.  

Just in the month of August, the three biggest fires of the year have burned about 1,053,893 acres. SCU Lightning Complex fires, LNU Lightning Complex fires and August Lightning Complex fires have all been caused by lightning. These three fires are close to being contained. The LNU Lightning Complex fire has actually been listed in the top 20 of fires for being one of the deadliest, destructive and largest fires this year. 

Temperatures take part in the containment; the hotter it is and the more windy it is, the harder it’ll be for firefighters to contain the fires. Firefighters are closely monitoring these weather conditions in order to get everyone back in their homes as soon as possible. In order to be safe in these hot weather conditions, the prime time to be active outside is before 10 a.m.