The U.S. government had a faulty initial response to the coronavirus outbreak

Kayla Osoria, Staff Writer

When my teacher told the class that we would be out of school until after spring break, everyone was thrilled. We obviously had no idea that our “break” would last the rest of the school year. But, as much as I hate to say it, I think schools in our district should have been out of school at least a week before they actually were. Leaving school after March 13 was extremely risky to do. No schools should have been open that week. Moreover, I think that non-essential businesses should have closed as well. It would have prevented the virus from spreading as fast as it did.

Another move that the government has made that proved to be detrimental rather than beneficial was the reopening of some non-essential businesses March 8. Stores shouldn’t have been reopening when there continues to be an increase of coronavirus deaths daily. Because the number of deaths predicted by June has increased to 3,000 goes to shows that opening up non-essential businesses before then may be catastrophic. The government should have waited a few more weeks before making this decision or at least waited until there was some sort of drop in the number of coronavirus cases and deaths. 

I really hope that the government’s decisions don’t result in the deaths of even more people; however, it seems inevitable. As long as everyone is safe and making smart choices, there is no reason to worry about the further spread of the virus.