Floyd Mayweather’s ex-girlfriend found dead

Rebecca Soto, Staff Writer

Former professional boxer, Floyd Mayweather, dated Josie Harris on and off for several years. The pair had three children together. March 9, Harris was found in her car, unresponsive, by one of her children near her home in Valencia, California. Law enforcement pronounced the 40 year old dead at the scene.

Many suspected that Mayweather had something to do with Harris’ death, considering he had abused her before. In 2010 he was convicted of domestic violence against Harris and faced two months in jail. Harris claimed there were six more incidents where she was abused by Mayweather. Despite this, authorities do not believe he had anything to do with this case.

We’re told there does not appear to be any foul play and the case is being treated as a death investigation as opposed to a homicide probe,” said TMZ.

Authorities are still examining the body so they haven’t discovered the cause of death yet. However, they do know a few things. They know there was no foul play because there was no immediate indication that there was any struggle to get out of the car. They know that there were no signs of this being a suicide case. There was also no drugs on the scene that would have affected the case.

If law enforcement can discover the cause of death it could possibly bring Harris’ family some sort of closure. For now, all they can do is grieve the death of Josie Harris.