Hart’s Online Schooling Method is Proving to be Efficient

Avery Tracy, Staff Writer

Due to the outbreak of Covid-19 many schools have closed and moved to online learning. Hart High School has taken part in becoming an online school as well. So what does that look like?

Well, everyday class starts at nine and each class is an hour and a half long. On Mondays you have English, history and your elective. After history, you have an hour long break/lunch. On Tuesdays it’s the same concept, just different classes. The schedule proceeds in the order of science, math and another elective period. This alternates and repeats until Friday when you have no classes. However, generally teachers are online using Zoom, Google Meet or just looking at emails so you can ask them any questions and they can be available for any assistance throughout the complexities of distance learning. 

So far online school has worked out pretty well for me. Sleeping in till 8:55 and then hoping online to see what my day consists of is not that bad. Sometimes, if I’m lucky, my classwork doesn’t even take the full hour and a half so I actually finish around 12.

What I’ve realized is how much time we actually waste in school. My realization came when I noticed that none of my classes so far have given the amount of work to take up the whole block period. With no distractions, there is so much excess time. We are wasting time that during school could be used for other important things, but we hardly notice until we are in a productive learning environment.

I know another concern centered around wondering how students would be able to get necessary help if they didn’t understand the material, but, honestly, teachers are doing a really good job so far making sure everyone knows what to do and how to do it, making themselves available as well if students need face to face instruction. They are generally quick to respond to emails or willing to set up conference hours if you have any questions, too.

Overall online school is going pretty well. It just gets lonely when you don’t see the familiar faces of all the kids at your school. You begin longing for the old ways of school that you used to complain so much about!