U.S. and Taliban Peace Treaty

U.S. and Taliban sign a Peace Treaty

Andrew Hezel, Staff Writer

Recently the U.S. had made a treaty with the Taliban, after almost 20 years of conflict, 18 years after the 9/11 terrorist attacks. 

At the White House, Trump told reporters the U.S. deserves credit for having helped Afghanistan take a step toward peace. He spoke cautiously of the deal’s prospects for success and cautioned the Taliban against violating their commitments,” said AP news’s Matthew Lee and Kathy Gannon. 

The Taliban has been responsible for the long war that has occurred the past two decades in Afghanistan.

The agreement states that the Taliban will cease fire between all groups involved in government forces and other terrorist and extremist groups. The U.S. will take out about 13,000 troops and go to 8,000, decreasing the troop numbers will help decrease U.S. presence and danger for American soldiers. 

The Taliban has agreed to ceasing fire and power sharing (sharing their power of soil and areas) between two rival Afghan groups . Their most infamous attack was on 9/11 when two airplanes deliberately crashed into the north and south World Trade Center towers, killing almost 3,000 people. This treaty prevents the Taliban from any further attacks and stops the attacks on their own soil between the government, civilians and other terrorist groups. Terrorism from the Taliban has stopped for now but we won’t know how long or how effectively this treaty will be or if it will be upheld.