Coronavirus Impacts Hart High School

Mai Chiamthamachinda, Centerspread Editor

Ever since the outbreak of the Coronavirus, also scientifically known as COVID-19, millions of people across the nation have been severely impacted by this incident. Hart is among the many schools that have closed and are now enforcing distance learning.

With the spread of Coronavirus, Hart High School has been one of the many schools in the entire nation to be severely impacted by this huge pandemic. As a result of the Coronavirus, school events such as Prom and Graduation Night were forced to be postponed under the fear of spreading the virus through gatherings of 200 or more people.

Aside from all the senior events, all spring sports, such as swim, lacrosse, softball, baseball, boys volleyball, boys tennis, boys golf and track and field, were forced to end their seasons early and withdraw themselves from their important competitions.

Alongside sports, big events for both band and show choir were also cancelled since traveling by plane is considered unsafe at the current moment. Overall, the Coronavirus has caused and raised many huge problems throughout not just Hart, but the entire nation and world in general.